The best kept secret to happiness and health is compassion.


Owner & Manager

Hotelier for more than 15 years in some of the most reputed hotels in the region, he aims to bring this experience into his own project.

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Luisa is kind and caring, always smiling, she will do everything to please. she loves books and bibliotherapy, art and handycraft. Many things that you can see at the property have been made by her, like the macramés.


Shift Manager

Tsagana is passionate about nutrition, healthy food and traditional medicine, she cooks with love and care. In service very delicate and loves to provide comfort to people. Tsagana is a positive, energetic person with bright smile.


Shift Manager

Who am I? A free spirited Portuguese girl from the north living in the south! Passionate about the sea and surfing! In constant experiences and special moments. Passionate about life, places, people and animals! My friends say I'm cool and crazy in my madness!! Curious, enthusiastic, I love a good life story! Come share yours with me! We have a lot to talk about!! Oops!!! I forgot! I'm Marlene (or just MAR) and age is just a number!! See you soon! 🤙🤍


Chef - Cooking delicious meals for you

Hi! I'm Lídia I'm 58 years old, I have 3 children and 1 granddaughter Isabella! I'm divorced women but still believe in love... My mission is to make people around me feel happy 🙏🏻😊


Shift Manager

My name is Maria de Fátima, I am 57 years old, married, 2 children and a very cool granddaughter. I am a communicative person, available, friendly and ready to help.🤗🤗 I can understand English but talking is difficult for me.



Lucia is a 24 year old girl from Denmark, Copenhagen. She’s studying her 6th semester of a bachelor’s in Nutrition and Health and as a part of her study she is volunteering at Alamos Retreat. She has a strong interest in areas such as food, health, mindfulness, sport and meditation. She is a warm, kind and positive person to be around.

Igor Coelho

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

Igor is a traveling Yoga teacher based in Algarve, Portugal. Born and raised in Albufeira, quite early left his hometown to explore the wonders of our world.

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Raquel Reis

Mindfulness Coach

Raquel is a caring person that will adapt and personalize her practice to everyone. Her creativity helps her making the mindfulness sessions a real life changing experience.

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Fusion Pilates / Yoga Instructor

Filipa Neves

Antigravity Yoga Instructor

Filipa Neves is an Aeroyoga instructor certified by the International AeroYoga Association, Rafael Martinez method.

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Iolanda Monteiro

Hatha Yoga and meditation Instructor

Iolanda Monteiro, Hatha Yoga Instructor, seeks Yoga practice for healthy Lifestyle, Self awareness and body respect.

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Sara Lopes

Vegetarian Retreat Chef

She has been cooking at yoga and fitness retreats for the last four years always striving to offer delicious nutritious food and make people happy.

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João Gouveia

Cosmic Yoga Instructor

Teresa Santos

Health Coach

Teresa will review your health lifestyle components. She will look for potential issues and will then make recommendations, adapt meal plans if needed and fitness activities accordingly.

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Ana Lu Silva

Yoga Happy Dance

Ana Lu Silva has a degree in Cultural Animation. Born in Mozambique and grew up in Lisbon. A friendly, fun and dynamic person. She loves teaching classes to children, young people and adults! Fitness Instructor certified by Alice Rodrigues Fitness Study Center Trained in Happy Yoga, meditation for children She is passionate about Dances of the world, where the approach is carried out, by learning some dances from each country, allowing to understand different cultures! Graduated in Dramatic Expression, from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian She is passionate about nature, adventure and travel! She loves new challenges, getting to know new cultures and different ways of life!

Marta Gabriel


Helena Correia