The best kept secret to happiness and health is compassion.


Owner & Manager

Hotelier for more than 15 years in some of the most reputed hotels in the region, he aims to bring this experience into his own project. Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the Traditional Medicine Institute. Passionate about wellness, cancer prevention, fitness, weightloss, hospitality and Luxury lifestyle. Born in Paris and raised in France, he met Luisa in the Algarve during summer holidays, married her, and lives in Guia since then. Father of 2 sons, Tomas, Medicine Student and Guilherme, High School Student.


Shift Manager

Tsagana is passionate about nutrition, healthy food and traditional medicine, she cooks with love and care. In service very delicate and loves to provide comfort to people. Tsagana is a positive, energetic person with bright smile.


Shift Manager

Passionate about Horse Riding and Scuba Diving. Humble, sympathetic and hard working. She worked in reception, reservations and sales at Real Hotels Group.



Luisa is kind and caring, always smiling, she will do everything to please. she loves books and bibliotherapy, art and handycraft. Many things that you can see at the property have been made by her, like the macramé.



Nice, happy and playfull young boy. He will help you with everything.

Teresa Santos

Health Coach

Teresa will review your health lifestyle components. She will look for potential issues and will then make recommendations, adapt meal plans if needed and fitness activities accordingly.

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João Gouveia

Cosmic Yoga Instructor

When you enter the world of Yoga, you understand that it is not a question of style or method that matters, but the freedom of speech of your own intuition. It means you can choose a master, a method, but deep inside you feel you need more to understand the Universe that resides inside yourself, so it means the REAL Master is YOU. So a Universe of experiences and techniques are required for a better understanding of yourself. When I attended to yoga teacher course, reading all books, making all practices, going to all events, as a very hard working student, very disciplined and very perfectionist, I understood the flaws in a humanized system. We are talking about finding yourself, then knowing yourself, as a beautiful human been connected by the Universe and being part of it. Why do I need to follow so much rules? I had to use unique and designed words in my classes, have a specific behavior, clothing, being limited to some techniques and practices defined by the system... I felt like a programmed tool by the system. Yoga is to be part of the Universe, be part of Nature, understand your true Humanity integrated in the Universe, so the “have to” words made no sense in yoga philosophy for me. So what I have to offer is more than Yoga. All is valid, from all kind of breathing techniques, hundreds of body positions, meditation techniques, power of self cure, power of hands and belief in yourself, energy cleaning, emotion cleaning...It means I give one thousand classes and ALL will be unique experiences to make you FEEL ONE day, in ONE position or technique, in this particular SECOND, your special moment of truth. I was designed by the Universe to transform you into a better and more advanced version of yourself, and you deserve that, and I wish it to all my students, because each of you is the most important person in the World.

Filipa Neves

Antigravity Yoga Instructor

Filipa Neves is an Aeroyoga instructor certified by the International AeroYoga Association, Rafael Martinez method. Since a very young age, she devoted herself to investigating issues related to existence, with Yoga triggering the knowledge of a greater awareness and the need to share how to experience life in a fun and healthy way.

Igor Coelho

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

Igor is a traveling Yoga teacher based in Algarve, Portugal. Born and raised in Albufeira, quite early left his hometown to explore the wonders of our world. In one of many transformative stops he made along the way, he ended up starting a new life style and a fresh perspective to see our human experience. The Universe led him to Rishikesh, The World Capital of Yoga, in India, where he deepened and expanded his physical, spiritual and emotional knowledge for Yoga. While back at the Western world, he started sharing his passion and practice in daily classes, workshops, retreats, festivals and coaching yoga teacher training and he developed a modern and playful way of teaching, combining the understanding of body alignment and anatomy with the joy of fluid movement and being present. Guided by Nature and Elements, Igor wants to stimulate body/mind connections to his students. His classes embody creative flows, anatomical cues, explicit access to compact areas of our bodies. Challenge, sweat, constant observation and cultivation of inner peace and gratitude is what to expect.

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Iolanda Monteiro

Hatha Yoga and meditation Instructor

Iolanda Monteiro, Hatha Yoga Instructor, seeks Yoga practice for healthy Lifestyle, Self awareness and body respect. Yoga brought her calm and the inner peace she could not find in other practices. At some point in her life, it was very clear that the way forward was to share the knowledge that helped her so much. Namaste


Fusion Pilates / Yoga Instructor

Raquel Reis

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Marta Gabriel