IMMUNITY BOOSTER PROGRAM - Albufeira - Algarve - Portugal

Feeling sluggish and slow, irritable and grumpy, and with one too many headaches thrown in? A Immunity and antioxidants retreat could be the fastest way to remedy many of your every day niggling health concerns. The body has a remarkable ability to rid itself of toxins, however, in today’s world, this is becoming more and more compromised, resulting in both physical and mental health problems. The Immunity Booster can be a great motivation for change, and you will have experts on hand to monitor and guide you and to impart their knowledge. Our instructors will allow you to pause, to reset and to breathe deep, learning new habits that will help you both physically and mentally. Whichever one you choose you will feel lighter, brighter and energised. 


This retreat can help give your body a fresh start, renews energy levels, aids weight loss, and ultimately helps prevent disease by giving your digestion system a break and enabling your body to concentrate its efforts on healing. Every day we are exposed to toxins – both external and internal –and many natural health professionals believe that if left unchecked these toxins undermine and weaken the organs of the body contributing to everything from arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome. So, although weight loss is often an inevitable sidekick, even the thinnest of bodies will really benefit from an immunity boost.

Think of it as a spring boost for your insides. An immunity boost varies in their severity – from cutting out meat, wheat, sugar and dairy to living only off pure, fresh-made juices. Discuss your expectations and concerns with us to adapt the meal plan to your needs. If you are overweight one of the best presents you can give yourself is a two week Immunity Boost holiday.

Give a boost to your energy levels, Get rid of the accumulated toxins in your body, Improve your health and Loose some extra weight.

Program includes:

Healthy Breakfast

Vegetarian Dinner

2 Daily Immunity Boost Juices

1 Immunity and antioxidants Biozoom test and consultation

1 Relaxing Massage per stay per person included

Daily Classes (mainly Yoga)


An essential factor for early aging and negatively influencing well-being is oxidative stress. This arises when the body produces too many free radicals. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle (for example smoking, alcohol consumption) and stressful environmental influences (for example, ultraviolet radiation, exhaust gases) favor this process.

To prevent oxidative stress and strengthen your well-being, you need to supply sufficient antioxidants to your body. Antioxidants are known as free radical scavengers. They neutralize free radicals and protect you from their damaging effect.

To strengthen your well-being, it is advisable to ensure a sufficiently high antioxidant level.

An increase can be done by suitable diet, moderate physical exercise and stress reduction.

With a conscious and vitamin-rich diet you make sure that your body is constantly supplied with enough antioxidants. These are mainly found in fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Biozoom Testing

biozoom is exact, user friendly and enables the analysis of biomarkers crucial for improvement of well-being and lifestyle. Using an optical measuring procedure, the scanner detects biomarkers in skin and blood (like flavonoids, carotenoids and lycopene), that are decisive for your antioxidant level and therefore for your body’s defenses.

The biozoom antioxidant scanner uses Multiple Spatially Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy (MSRRS) to precisely measure the antioxidant level. The used LED light is safe and absolutely pain free.

The antioxidant level is the result of the consumption of fruits and vegetables and the decrease of the associated protective function by a stressing lifestyle. For instance, the antioxidant level is reduced by excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of sleep, private or occupational stress, and the unprotected exposure to sun. A just overcome or still enduring cold influences the measuring value negatively as well.

The Immunity Booster program is available starting any day for a minimum of 3 nights, please check availability & prices on our booking engine.