Copper Cataplana for 2

Traditional Copper Cataplana. This is not a decoration version, you can cook in it. Dimension: 24 cm

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Used for cooking typically Mediterranean recipes, especially clams and shellfish, in general, the cooking process used in CATAPLANA prevents the loss of food aromas, ensuring a full and excellent flavor. In addition, cooking in CATAPLANA is healthier as it allows you to reduce calories and fat in cooking your recipes. The typical copper cataplana (tinned inside), like ours, distributes heat more evenly and efficiently. About the available sizes, we have the following: Ø 18cm (1/2 person); Ø 21cm (1 people); Ø 24cm (2 people); Ø 27cm (3 people); Ø 30cm (4 to 5 people); Ø 33cm (6 to 7 people) and Ø 36cm (7 to 8 people).