03 Aug

Nature has created a monument worthy of the Gods: crowned by a round skylight, the Benagil Sea Cave is a light-filled dome painted in shades of amber that encloses an intimate beach within its layered walls. You’ll find this quite unique natural creation just around the corner from Benagil beach (left side when facing the sea), a small fishing village located a short distance away from Lagoa.

The dome itself is actually much larger than one would expect after seeing it from the outside. The cave’s only viable entrances are a couple of arched openings bathed by the sea; because of that, visitors are left with three options to enter its inner space: jump aboard a boat from one of the surrounding beaches or harbours; rent a kayak, an inflatable dinghy or a SUP; or swim to it from Benagil Beach.

Being one of the most famous sea caves in the world, it’s no surprise that the Benagil Sea Cave draws in thousands of visitors every year. Visitors should therefore book their trip well in advance. Late July, August and early September are usually the busiest periods. But the caves can be visited year-round as long as the weather allows it; May, early June, late September and early October are probably the best times to schedule boat trips.

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