Aerial Yoga Hammock (Antigravity yoga swing or Fly Yoga swing) made with the finest and resistant fabric (more than 1300 kg of static weight) and certified materials. Made in Europe


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Our fabric for aerial yoga hammocks is 250 cm in wide, more than enough to perform all the antigravity and Unnata Yoga poses. The fabric is very stable and durable, with more density than other brands (very durable). At the same time it has a soft texture so is nice when you touch it.

We have 4 colours all produced in Europe: White, Red, Blue Petroleum, Grey.

Our polyamide fabric for aerial yoga hammocks is produced especially for yoga hammocks, so is simply perfect for this. The technical qualities make it a very good and secure product.

In lengthwise is almost a No-stretch fabric  (it stretches but very little),  but it does stretch sideways. these characteristics make it very comfortable and stable for practicing the aerial yoga poses. If you sit on the swing this will not stretch toward the ground. And if you make Savasana (or just taking a nap on it), you’ll be pretty straight horizontally and it will be very comfortable (thanks to the elasticity sideways). 

We have tested our Fabric for aerial yoga hammocks and aerial sling and they resist more than 1300 kilograms of static weight, it means that you are really safe even if you use them for acrobatics, doing  drops.


  1. Wide 250 cm (and you can stretch it even more!)
  2. Soft texture when you touch it
  3. Resistance more than 1300 kilograms (Tested professionally)
  4. Very long life, it may last for many years.
  5. MADE IN EUROPE and non toxic

Fast delivery in Europe.

How much fabric you need to make an aerial yoga hammock?

  • With 5 metres you can make a hammock if you tight it with a polyamide climbing ring and with that you can hang it from a 3 metres high ceiling
  • With 6 metres you can make a knot with the same fabric and then attach it to a carabiner straight away and use it in a 3-4 metres high ceiling.