The Plastic Hike @ Alamos Retreat

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20:00 Sustenability games 21:30 The Plastic Hike - Documentary presentation

  • Date: 10-07-2021 20:00
  • Location: Alamos Retreat - Wellness & Yoga (Map)


During the summer of 2020 we followed and filmed the entire journey of The Trash Traveler to create a documentary. This aims to raise awareness for the plastic pollution issue and to give voice to the community of NGOs, initiatives and environmentalists working in Portugal. Furthermore, it allows us to reflect on problems and solutions for local communities and share those same ideas both nationally and internationally. For example, solutions designed in the North can potentially solve problems in the South, and vice-versa. We just need to create a sharing chain.

During the 58 days of the hike, we recorded more than 300 hours and about 90 interviews that resulted in a film with more than 1h30 length.

The strength of this documentary resides in its interlocutors, in people who have changed their lives and who tell us about their experiences and how individually we can make a difference.