A small “adults-only” bed and breakfast property called Alamos Retreat has opened in Guia, Albufeira with the goal of “positioning itself in the segment of health and wellbeing”.

“At Alamos Retreat, everything was designed so that our clients can recover their full health potential,” says Lourenço Ribeiro, owner of the property.

With only eight “country-chic style rooms”, its atmosphere is described as “very welcoming”.

There are two room typologies: ‘Sweet Dreams’, with an area of about 19m2; and ‘Heavenly’, with an area of around 30m2 including a living area.

Alamos has worked on several aspects to make the experience as pleasant as possible for guests.

The beds are intended to be “one of the most comfortable in the region”, as the linen is 100% cotton. Guests can also choose from three types of pillows (standard, memory foam with essences and feathers) and all hygiene products are provided by French cosmetics company Damana, which has organic certification.

All rooms have essence diffusers and a kettle with a selection of herbal infusions, and a vegetarian breakfast with detox juices and a wide variety of bio, sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free products is served to all guests.

Yoga and meditation classes are also available “at no extra cost”.

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